About us

Read more about us and where we stand for.

Who are we?

We, Wouter, Brigitte and Ben Cornelisse, work at Slaapkamer Amsterdam. Brigitte (middle) and Wouter (right) are the owners of Slaapkamer Amsterdam.Wouter works the most of the time on the floor: welcoming people in our showroom. He also delivers the beds and mattresses, sometimes with the help of his son(s). Brigitte and Ben work behind the scenes. Brigitte does the accountancy and comes up with new ideas for the store. She also works at a school for entrepeneurs. Ben is the son of Wouter and Brigitte. Outside of his study he has his own small business: he makes websites just like this website.

How we work

Wouter and Brigitte have been the owners of Slaapkamer Amsterdam since 2003. Before this Wouter worked at Slaapkamer Amsterdam from when he was 18 years old. Where someone else would sell something that would make the most amount of money, he wanted to sell something where he believes in. Nowadays we still strive to transfer this vision to the customer.
We also like to try out new things. Wouter for example construct a lot of different thing for the store. Brigitte is getting in to marmering silk. This silk she uses for elastic headbands and pillowcases. We like to keep thinking about how we can improve things so we can stay current.


Frequently asked questions about our store and way of operation.

Which brands does Slaapkamer Amsterdam sell?
Slaapkamer Amsterdam sells: Mline, Hasena, Douxe, Balanced, Essenza
Can I come by without an appointment?
You can also visit us during the open hours, but there is a possibility that there are multiple people in the store. Look at the plannerpage for all the data. Make an appointment to make sure you get our full attention.
When is Slaapkamer Amsterdam opened?
Almost all day, if you have an appointment. Otherwise there is a possibility that there is nobody at the store. You can make an appointment using the planner or by calling: 020-6712938.
Will my bed or mattres be delivered and does this cost money?
Slaapkamer Amsterdam delivers for free in the Netherlands. Please ask us for the options for delivering outside of the Netherlands.
Does Slaapkamer Amsterdam take my old mattres?
Slaapkamer Amsterdam can take you old mattres for a small price. The mattresses will be delivered to Retourmatras and are 100% recycled.