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Corona update

An update from Slaapkamer Amsterdam. The Dutch government has implemented safety measures because of Covid-19. We deem...

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Slaapkamer Amsterdam was founded in 1981. We still advise the customer in the best suiting mattress of bed. We decided to change our way of operation in 2019. Originally we were a store with only open hours, but now we have changed to a showroom. Now we have less open hours, but an extra option to make appointments.

Wouter Cornelisse

Store owner

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It is also possible to make an appointment via telephone or mail.

We are a speciality store

Outside of our normal collection we also sell a few niche products. These are for example: Egyptian cotton, hotel bedding and solid wood beds. Please look at the collection page or at our favourites below.

Our favourites

A small selection of featured products.

Thank heavens

This is a Douxe bed that stands in the Pulitzer hotel. Available as a full bed with pillows and bedding. You can also get every part like the Egyptian Cotton separately.


This is a solid wood bed made from Oak. Available in different colours. Great about these beds is the variation of options: different feet, corners, headboards etc.

Autumnsale Mline

Autumnsale: From the first of October untill the 1st of November we are having a sale, different pillows and...


(020) 671 2938


Jacob van Lennepstraat, 1054 HP, Amsterdam, NH, NL

Our wooden beds

We have a great collection of wooden beds made of solid wood. These are available in different woods: birch, oak, akazia, and more. The strong wooden beds are a good base for mattresses. In this blog is explained how and where our beds...

Moving Forward

2019 was a busy year for us, we have moved from the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam North to the Jacob van Lennepstraat in Amsterdam West. With that we have changed to a new approach of our store. We have had a lot of help from our friends,...

Corona update

An update from Slaapkamer Amsterdam. The Dutch government has implemented safety measures because of Covid-19. We deem it very important to follow these measures for the health of everyone.   What does this mean for you We will not...

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PhantomX93 .
PhantomX93 .
08:51 04 Feb 20
Get in contact if you would like high quality uk made beds, ottoman wingback beds, slieghs, divans (for the owners only)
Gabriel Faerstein
Gabriel Faerstein
12:48 10 Apr 19
Bought a really nice Duvet Cover in there - good quality! The owners are extremely helpful and take their time to connect with you, would definitely recommend!
Can Topay
Can Topay
13:08 07 Apr 19
Nicest store owner ever, polite and ready to help.
Gijs de Boer
Gijs de Boer
12:28 09 Feb 19
I love it ?
Diego Sartori
Diego Sartori
09:20 22 Dec 16
Sealy mattresses here!!!
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