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Slaapkamer Amsterdam has a showroom in Amsterdam West. Wouter Cornelisse, the owner since 2004, advises you in making the right choice. In the showroom you can try different mattresses made by Mline and Douxe. We also have our own homebrand of mattresses: Slaapkamer Amsterdam “Balanced”. You can also view our Swiss solid wood beds by Hasena and feel the bedding from Egyptic cotton. If you make an appointment you will recieve our full attention.


Frequently asked questions about our store.

Which brands does Slaapkamer Amsterdam sell?
Slaapkamer Amsterdam sells: Mline, Hasena, Douxe, Balanced, Essenza
Can I come by without an appointment?
You can also visit us during the open hours, but there is a possibility that there are multiple people in the store. Look at the plannerpage for all the data. Make an appointment to make sure you get our full attention.
When is Slaapkamer Amsterdam opened?
Almost all day, if you have an appointment. Otherwise there is a possibility that there is nobody at the store. You can make an appointment using the planner or by calling: 020-6712938.
Will my bed or mattres be delivered and does this cost money?
Slaapkamer Amsterdam delivers for free in the Netherlands. Please ask us for the options for delivering outside of the Netherlands.
Does Slaapkamer Amsterdam take my old mattres?
Slaapkamer Amsterdam can take you old mattres for a small price. The mattresses will be delivered to Retourmatras and are 100% recycled.


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