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We, Wouter, Brigitte and Ben Cornelisse, work at Slaapkamer Amsterdam. Brigitte and Wouter are the owners of Slaapkamer Amsterdam. Wouter will be the person you encounter most often if you visit our showroom. He is very knowledgeable about beds and matrasses and has been working in this branch for over 25 years. He also delivers all beds himself, sometimes with the help of one of his sons. Brigitte and Ben mostly work behind the scenes. Brigitte does the accountancy and helps develop new ideas for the store. She also works part-time at a school for entrepreneurship. Ben is Wouter and Brigitte’s son. Besides studying engineering at the technical university in Delft, he is an entrepreneur and he designs websites like this one.

After having been located at the Ceintuurbaan in Amterdam Zuid, we decided to rethink the formula of our store. We changed from a walk-in store to a store by appointment, so we could better divide our own time and help our customers with more focus. A shop window was not necessary anymore, because now we would do all of our appointments online. After some deliberation with Wouter and Brigitte, Ben redesigned our website and brand logo to a more modern version. In august of 2019, we moved our store to the Jacob van Lennepstraat 99 in Amsterdam West.

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