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When we decided to change our concept from a walk-in store to an appointment-based showroom two years ago, we made sure to only take our best products with us. These were the products that we liked working with the most, because they stood out in quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction. Scroll down to get a better impression of our collection or plan an appointment to see it for yourself.


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Bedden en bedmeubels

Wood (Hasena)

Beautiful beds made out of solid wood from Switzerland for a reasonable price. These are strong and trouble-free beds. There are many models available in different types of wood (Oak, Beech, Walnut, Acacia). You can compile these according to your own needs and taste. All the wood used in these beds has a FSC marking.

Upholstered beds

Beds made of fabrics by different manufacturers. Every bed has different types and colours of fabrics. Also different headboards are available.


Hotel (Douxe)

Supplier to top hotels such as the Pullitzer and Okura hotels and also to us. Pure hotel luxury in your home. Beautiful box springs in many colours, luxurious and sturdy matrasses, top mattresses and Austrian duvets made from down, Egyptian bedding with a high thread count made from percal cotton and cushions in different sizes, including large body pillows. This combination makes the beds very inviting to lay down in.

Mattresses and toppers

Memory foam (Mline)

In our opinion the best producer of pressure-distributing matrasses, also known as memory foam or viscoelastic mattresses. Besides the pressure-distribution properties, it is important for these matrasses to breathe well and for you to be able to move on it comfortably. This is also why many professional athletes, such as the Dutch Olympic team, Ajax and the Jumbo-Visma cycling team, choose MLine.

Balanced Line:

Our Private label pocket spring mattresses. These are mattresses with a good value for money and an accessible collection. Pocket spring in three degrees of quality:

  • Balanced 21: Good quality with a good price. Pocket spring matrass with a top layer made from polyether.(21cm high) 
  • Balanced 24: Better quality with more comfort. Pocket spring mattress with a top layer made from HR foam. (24cm high)
  • Balanced 26: Best quality with a lot of comfort. High-low pocket spring mattress with top layer made from latex and comfortable ticking. (26cm high)

Balanced Line Nature:

Our private label in an accessible collection. Mattresses and toppers made of natural latex. The following models are available:

  • Balanced nature 19 Natural rubber mattress (19cm high) 
  • Balanced nature 24 Natural rubber mattress with 7 zones (24cm high)
  • Balanced nature 7 Natural rubber topper. Good  (7 cm high) quality and affordable
  • Balanced nature 10 Natural rubber topper. Very flexible (10cm high)


Hotelbedding (Douxe)

The finest Egyptian cotton bed sheets with a high thread count. This bedding is used in hotels like the Pullitzer and Okura.


Many beautiful sheets, all produced organically and responsibly.


Dutch producer that can fit everything to your preferred size, but will also offer the best quality covers and sheets in regular sizes.

Bella Donna

Fitted sheets of high-quality Egyptian cotton with elastane. Once you feel this you would not want anything else.


Beautiful drawings and good covers.

Duvets and pillows


Pillows with neck support made from natural rubber.


Viscoelastic pillows with neck support, recommended by physiotherapists



Luxurious duvets and all sizes of pillows made from down.


The best-breathing duvets made from 100% goose down


Synthetic duvets in all price categories.

Ducky dons

Duvets and pillows made of down. We also have the Nextlife collection available: recycled down used in new products with comparable quality of newly produced down.

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