Our wooden beds

We have a great collection of wooden beds made of solid wood. These are available in different woods: birch, oak, akazia, and more. The strong wooden beds are a good base for mattresses. In this blog is explained how and where our beds are made

Where the beds are made

The beds are made by Hasena, a swiss company founded in 1951 by three brothers: Paul, Willi en Felix Hasenfratz. Working in a small shack, they produced wooden slatted frames and beds. Over a span of a few years this shack was expanded to a factory and in 1980 they opened their second factory in Läufelfingen. Their slogan was: “From tree to bed”.

Swiss bed concept

The Swiss bed concept a way to make a bed more personalized. Compatible with a frame are different headboards, bedside tables and other accessories. A wide variation of colours and woods can be picked. This way a bed can be put together which fits perfectly to your bedroom and taste!

The wood of the beds

All the wood used is marked with the FSC mark. This mark means that the wood is harvested from sustainable sources: the wood is retrieved from well-managed forests. Hasena wants all of their wooden products marked with FSC.

Our choice of wooden beds

Slaapkamer Amsterdam had been delivering wooden beds for a long time. These beds are built strongly: they have a long lifespan and we deem that very important. We also believe these beds are very stylish and there is almost always a model that fits a specific interior.

Look for yourself

Please take a look on our  wooden beds page or come by in our store to see it for yourself!

Ben Cornelisse
Slaapkamer Amsterdam