Moving Forward

2019 was a busy year for us, we have moved from the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam North to the Jacob van Lennepstraat in Amsterdam West. With that we have changed to a new approach of our store. We have had a lot of help from our friends, family and partners. In this blog we explain why and we changed our store into a showroom. We also tell our experience of moving the store and want to thank everyone who helped us achieve this. This blog is written by Ben Cornelisse, maintainer of this website and the son of Wouter en Brigitte (owners of Slaapkamer Amsterdam).

A refreshing look

Wouter and Brigitte are the owners of Slaapkamer Amsterdam and have been for over 16 years. The method of the store had always been the same before the move, namely a store with regular openingtimes and a neat shop window. They have always wanted to do things differently, maybe it is the stubbornness of Wouter: Wouter has been delivering his beds and mattress by himself since he has been running the store and has even been abroad to put a bed together. Or maybe from the creatvity of Brigitte: She always tries new things and is for example busy marbling silk pillow covers.

From a normal store to a showroom

We have always functioned as a regular store, where we were opened from 10:00 untill 18:00. This meant making a lot of hours every day, as Wouter also delivers beds before opening. The idea of a showroom, a store where you can make an appointment to look at bed and mattresses, has been on our mind for while now. A showroom has two major benefits in our eyes: Firstly more time is available for the customer, because the customer will be the only customer in the store. Secondly we can better our time management, as we do not have to be opened for the whole day.

Why move from the Ceintuurbaan?

Even though we have a lot of nice memories of the Ceintuurbaan, this street has been getting more crowded by tourists. This is why we had the feeling that it was getting less of a shopping district, especially for a bedstore. With that we do not think a shopping window is a necessity for our new showroom, since we are expecting more online reach. We have moved to an office space located in the Jacob van Lennepstraat. This space is almost as big as the space when we were located at the Ceintuurbaan.

The move

Firstly, plans had to be made for the interiour of our new store. For example we had the idea of a gas fueled fireplace, an example hotelroom and more. Pictures of the 3D model made by Choc Studio are displayed below.

In the month of August we were closed to realise our move. All of the stuff from our store was moved into our storage in Haarlem when we were painting our new location. After the paint had dried, we have constructed the toilet and sink ourselfs. Even the housing for our new gas fueled fireplace we build ourselfs (look at the pictures below). Our goal was to create a more clear and calmer environment. We think we achieved this very well and are proud of the result.

A new look

After moving we also changed our look. For instant our logo and website were a bit outdated and we wanted to make these more welcoming. So we have changed the red logo to a green pistachio tint and the website has gotten a better appearance. We strive for clear and easy contact between the customer and hope that our new look radiates this. Please make an appointment visit the store for yourself!

We want to thanks everyone who helped us during the move:

The interior design of Choc Studio
The internet marketing of Tom Broersen
The help creating the website Sjaak Glasbergen
Al our suppliers
Everyone who helped us moving

Ben Cornelisse,

Son of Wouter en Brigitte.
Creator and maintainer of the logo and website of Slaapkamer Amsterdam.